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I'm back.

Miss you.

Love you.

See you soon.
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Is class over yet? No. Damn -_-

Anyway, I know I haven't updated much. Benn unusually busy o.o Ah, such is the life of a senior. Trip home during Spring Break was awesome! It was nice to go home for awhile, but even nicer to have such great company a home. Thanks, Rina and Meisa, for coming home with us. Hope you guys had a great time. Oh XP You too Tomohisa.

Haven't spoken about it much, but I need to find info about animation and art colleges. I don't usually show it, but I do draw and uh ^^;;

One of my friends back home dared me to draw a series. I know he did it simply because I can't say no to a challenge >_> bastard. Anyway, if you dare, it's behind the cut >_>

Why did I do this again?Collapse )
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